Make a DIY necklace rack


Here at Craft Corners, we love re-purposing things we have lying around the house into useful new items. We look high and low for unexpected sources of inspiration. Today’s inspiration comes from an item you might find in your own home: a kitchen pasta drying rack! If you find that you’re not using yours for whatever reason, whether you’ve cut down on carbs or you don’t have much time to cook anymore, wipe off that dust and get ready to get crafty.

One of many great ways you can use a pasta drying rack is by turning it into a necklace rack. Here is what you’ll need to make one:

  • A wooden pasta drying rack
  • Aerosol primer
  • Spray paint for wood in a color of your choice
  • Clear sealant spray

What to do:

  1. Make sure your pasta drying rack is clean. If it’s not, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe of any dirt or dust.
  2. Apply a coat of aerosol primer to your wooden pasta drying rack, followed by spray paint and clear sealant spray. Follow all of the instructions on the spray cans, and allow plenty of time to dry between adding coats of spray paint and clear sealant spray.

Your necklace rack is now ready to use! Enjoy keeping your favorite necklaces organized and on display. Don’t forget to add an adorable hugs and kisses pendant necklace!

Creating your own birthstone necklace

Making your own fashion jewelry is both a fun and money saving practice that is sure to upgrade your wardrobe. Often times it is difficult to find matching pieces to your favorite outfit, so why not just create your own piece? Birthstones necklace are a safe gift item that is easy to make and with one quick trip down to your local crafts store, you can pick up some jewels and in some cases ready-made pendants to make your own birthstone pendant necklace.

What you’ll need:

–          Cable chain

–          Round nose pliers

–          Wire cutters

–          Pendant piece and/or birthstone

–          Acrylic glue

–          Steel necklace extender lobster claw

Steps for Completion:

1. Create pendant piece by attaching birthstone with acrylic glue and allow to dry.

2. Cut cable chain to appropriate length (18” to 24” recommended)

3. Attach steel necklace extender lobster claw to end of chain with round nose pliers.

4. Fixed pendant on the center of the chain and you’re finished!

These also make great gifts where you can add your own decorative flair. Birthstones are a safe bet to be loved by any recipient, so don’t be afraid to add on some extra style to make it unique.

DIY sparkle shirt

When it comes to home made items,there are few things more satisfying and useful than home-made and hand-made clothing.This is a do it yourself project that you can not only take satisfaction in having made yourself from scratch – no indeed it’s much more than that. This is a project that you’ll actually be able to wear and take around with you in your daily life. The best kind of do it yourself project is one that will really last you a long time, and this is exactly that. Today we’re going to take a look at how you can design and create your very own sparkly shirt! Also, keep in mind that the techniques we go through here can be used on other items of clothing as well, such as fun knit skirts. Read on for the goods.

What You’ll Need

  • A pair of same sized button up shirts or t-shirts. This part is a bit optional – you can use just one shirt to simplify this project.
  • Glitter and sparkles.
  • (optional: Swarovsky crystals or mother daughter sister jewelry).
  • Superglue or a hot glue gun.
  • Needle and sewing kit.

What To Do

  1. You’ll want to start off by taking a couple of shirts of contrasting colors. As mentioned before, this step is a optional – if you’d like to simplify the project, simply take a shirt you’d like to use, and skip ahead.
  2. If you chose to use two shirts, you’ll want to cut them in half and sew them back together with your sewing kit along the backs seem – this will create a fun two-toned shirt.
  3. Using a light coating, use your sprinkles liberally along the lapels and sleeves of the shirt.
  4. The crystals, or rhinestones, should be applied to the back and front of the shirt. The simplest method involves simply spacing them at random, however you can also create fun patterns and designs. In either case, you’ll want to apply each stone individually with a superglue stick or a hot glue gun. Enjoy! The place for Craft Ideas

  • Craft Ideas by Craft Corners
    Craft Ideas by Craft Corners

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Handmade Earrings Are Cool and They Make You Look Hot! 

Well, it’s not just me who says that but the entire world. Everyone seems to be in awe of handmade earrings and necklaces and handmade everything! These goods are not just a mark of solid craftsmanship but a quality that makes women stand out. If you have ever thought about making your own handmade earrings at home, this might be the perfect way to add a pinch of uniqueness to your jewelry collection and accessories box. It might also be the perfect gifting option as many of us are slowly experimenting with handmade items and moving on from mass produced articles to more environmentally friendly ones. So, it is time to put your thoughts to creating something thoughtful, a gift for a close friend perhaps or a dangling handmade chandelier ear hoop for your mother.


Silver earrings with green stones on a varnished wooden background

All you need to make your own earrings at home are your own hands and a few items that you can easily find at the local crafts store. A very important ingredient that comes before all that though is the will to express your creativity even when you think that you don’t have any. So, get ready world, here you come with a truckload of artsy stuff, glitter and glue! Well, these are some of the things that you are going to need including the following:

  • Flexible metal wires
  • Earring hooks or clasps
  • Cleaning alcohol or spirit or nail polish remover
  • Glue (preferably the kind that sticks for long)
  • Toothpicks or long pins
  • Small sized pliers
  • Aluminum foil
  • Some paint
  • Fancy stickers
  • Small bows
  • Stones and gems artificial or semi precious (again, strong glue)
  • Glitter or other jewels (strong glue, strong glue!)


Shape Your Earrings

Begin with basic shapes. Now, women all are fond of the round, glittery and shiny things that hang by their ears because they go well with practically everything. A palm-sized aluminum square is the ideal way to make them. Too much of it and your handmade earrings will come out heavy and be difficult to wear. Make a ball or some other interesting shape with aluminum foil and compress it really tight. Another thing that could lead you to some really interesting results is wooden chips. That’s right. Just grab a handful of those wooden pieces from your garage or from your friendly neighborhood carpenter. They don’t even have to be the exact same size. Just make sure that they are somewhat similar in dimensions and you are good to go.


Always Wear Safe

Now comes disinfecting the earring hooks and clasps with a disinfectant. You’ll need to do this before you start wearing the earrings. You can do it before you begin decorating them and also do it once more after you are done just to be double safe. I know I would.


Cutting and Molding and More!

Now, time for some serious workout; make a hole through the center of the foil balls or close to the edge in case of wooden pieces. You can use a toothpick or a long pin to do it and voila! Chop off 2 pieces of wire as long in length as you like them and use pliers to attach hooks at the end of each. Insert the other end of the wire into the aluminum ball and curl it into itself or around the ball once it reaches out enough. This will hold the ball in place and make for durable handmade earrings. You can use a nail or a hard metal pin to make hole in the wooden pieces and then insert the metal wire through it in the same way. Curl the end of it to make a tight knot with the longer end or simply twist it around it for a firm grip. Repeat this step with the other earring and the second piece of wire as well.


Decorate and Embezzle

Now comes the fun part and you can totally knock yourself out with it. This is particularly fun with the wooden pieces that you have collected. Gather all the stickers or jewels and stones that you want to stick on them and go at it. You can either choose to stick to one particular pattern or put random stones and decorations, either way they are going to look awesome. Now, the remaining part of the wooden pieces that is not hidden beneath the stones can be painted (which you may also choose to do before sticking anything) or varnished (which you may want to do afterwards as the glue might not hold strong on a smooth surface). As for the aluminum balls that you have all readied up, you can dip them in glue and then roll them in your favorite glitter or paint them with your favorite acrylic to give a wrinklier and textured surface. You can also choose loose sequins to add a 3D look and make everyone fall in love with your handmade creations. This is not just for handmade earrings but for handmade necklaces and bracelets as well. You can add more glamour to your old jewelry pieces and redefine your style in style.


This is the beauty of handmade earrings and women all over the world are just gaga over them. The level of customization that goes into it makes them unique and highly personal. Artisans all over the world put their talent and hard work into making them, just like you did with these and trust me; you are going to cherish them as long they last you.


Author Bio

Hi, I am John Miller. I love and live for everything artistic. My only crime is that I observe too much and then make sure to write it down before I forget all about it. I am a quality manager at Artisna Marketplace.






How to Clean and Polish Your Jewelry

Whether all your jewelry is new or you have mostly vintage rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, you’re going to want to know how to clean your possessions every once in awhile.

Ultimately, how you clean your jewelry will depend on what it is made of (gold, silver, pearls, diamonds).

Jewelry Store Cleaning

Many stores offer a free cleaning of jewelry that you purchased from them. By all mean, take advantage of this service if you can, but if you can’t, then you should know how to clean your jewelry at home—and without harsh chemicals.

Rest assured that you can clean all jewelry at home with a few simple ingredients that you probably already have around the house, like:

  • Mild dish soap
  • Soft toothbrush (dedicated to jewelry cleaning — don’t use on humans or pets)
  • Clean, soft cloth
  • Toothpaste
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Aluminum foil


Cleaning Gold

To bring the shine back to your gold jewelry, fill a bowl with warm water and add just a few drops of mild dish soap. Submerge your gold jewelry and let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse and gently scrub away any grime or residue with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Finally, dry with a soft cloth. Don’t use a paper towel because it might scratch.

Depending on how much gold jewelry you have, you can use a small bowl and work in batches or use a large bowl and clean everything all at once.


Untarnishing Silver

Of course, there is silver polish, but if you want to use a less harsh method, try a little toothpaste to remove the tarnish from your silver. Just dab some toothpaste onto your silver item, rub it in, and watch the tarnish disappear. Wipe the toothpaste off with a cloth. The toothpaste method works best with a ring or bangle bracelet or even a belt buckle.

If you have a delicate silver chain, try this:

  • Place aluminum foil (shiny side up) in the bottom of a bowl
  • Add one tablespoon baking soda
  • Add one tablespoon salt
  • Slowly add 1/2 cup white vinegar (it will fizz)
  • Slowly add one cup of boiling water
  • Wait for baking soda and salt to dissolve
  • Add silver jewelry

After a few minutes, remove each piece individually. Be careful of the hot water. Rinse and dry each piece with a soft cloth, and you’re done.


Making Diamonds Shine

To make your diamonds sparkle again, you can use a few drops of mild dish soap in a bowl of warm water. Soak for a couple of minutes and then use a clean soft-bristled toothbrush to get stuck-on dirt or grease. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

Be careful around the settings. Don’t brush so hard that you loosen the diamond or damage the prongs.

If you find your diamond is particularly grimy, try cleaning every few weeks so the dirt doesn’t build up too much.


Careful with Porous Stones

Take extra care with any jewelry that has porous stones, like:

  • Pearls
  • Emeralds
  • Coral
  • Opals
  • Turquoise
  • Jade
  • Amber

These types of stones absorb liquids, so you don’t want to soak them. Simply dip them in a bowl with lukewarm water and a few drops of gentle soap. Rinse off any residue and gently rub dry.

If you have a string of pearls or other porous stones, be careful that you don’t damage the knotting or stretch them by pulling or handling them too roughly. Try drying them them flat on a cloth.


Polishing Cloth

You might consider investing in a jewelry polishing cloth to brighten up your jewelry between cleanings. They are easily available and not very expensive.


Storing Your Jewelry

After cleaning—and when you’re not wearing it—make sure you put your jewelry away in a dust proof box. Protect your pearls by storing them in tissue paper. That way you’ll always have clean and sparkly jewelry at the ready.


Since jewelry is exposed to make up, hair spray, and other residue-producing elements, it will always need a some cleaning. If you stick to a regular schedule of cleaning and polishing, and you store it away properly when you’re not wearing it, you will be able to enjoy your jewelry whenever you want without too much muss and fuss.


Author Bio:

Leona J. Celis is a freelance writer and a professional jewelry appraiser from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience in the jewelry industry, she has worked with many different clients whose needs ranged from jewelry appraisal to gemstone repair and ring sales.


Create your own stunning jewelry

When it comes to jewelry you can spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on them. Sometimes the most beautiful jewelry is the kind you make yourself. It might not have the most sparkles, but it will have your own unique touch, and that’s something no one else can duplicate. There are many ways you can create your own jewelry. Here are a few quick and easy ones:

Making your own necklace

Again, there are several different ways you can make your own necklace but here are the basics. You’ll need:

If you’re using a pendant then it should be very easy to just use the loop on the pendant to attach it to the necklace. If you’re using something like seashells then you can either create a hole in the seashell using a small drill or you can hot glue the chain (or string) to the seashell.

Making your own bracelet

Bracelets can come in many different forms. They can be made of leather string, metal, or plastic. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • I recommend using leather string or a premade metal clasp (if you’re using metal you might need a magnetic jewelry clasp)
  • A string of beads
  • String (either a thick waxed linen or leather)
  • A pair of scissors

Once you have what you need here’s what to do:

  1. Take your leather string and fold it in half (make sure the length can comfortably fit around your wrist)
  2. Take your string of beads and place them into the groove that two sides of the leather string have created
  3. Wrap your string around the top of the loop (leaving a small hole, about the size of a penny, at the top of the leather string)
  4. Continue wrapping the string all the way down making sure you go around each individual bead.
  5. Tie a knot at the end once you have enough length and tie the two ends together and you’re done!

diy clay teardrop necklace

Hello craftsland! Here at the Craftcorners blog we’re excited to share another jewelry inspired craft with you all. Many of us got to experiment with clay as kids. Whether it came in the form of shaping little animals and objects or more serious clay pursuits like pottery, we all remember how much fun playing with clay used to be. That sense of fun and wonder is exactly what we’re aiming to capture with today’s clay teardrop necklace craft. This type of necklace is a fun and artistic way to make a fashion statement, and goes well with more eclectic outfits. Let’s see what we need to get started!

What You’ll Need

  • Bake-able clay or silicone mold rubber.
  • Oven
  • Paint
  • Needle and jewelry string
  • Beads of your choice
  • Necklace
  • Hairspray

What You’ll Need

The first thing you’ll need to do is to simply shape your beads. Don’t worry about trying to make the beads exactly identical – chances are it’s just not going to happen. Just get them to be the same general shape and size – beyond that, the little differences between the beads will lead to a fun eccentricity. Be sure to poke a hole at the top of your beads before sticking them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 375 degrees.

Once your beads have hardened and cooled, paint them in your chosen color and seal them with a few coats of hairspray. At this point all that’s left to do is simply to string along the beads on your necklace in any order you like! A consideration to make here is that you’re certainly not limited to making just one specific type of bead. In fact you can make a number of different beads of varying sizes and colors and use them to mix up the composition of your necklace for a truly one of a kind item to go along with your light saber party favors.

Do it yourself pearl chain necklace

DIY pearl chain necklace | Greetings craft addicts of all ages and persuasions, and welcome to another exciting edition of the Craftcorners blog. Today we’re going to be taking a look at yet another exciting do it yourself jewelry project. We really love the idea of homemade jewelry because this stuff transcends the simple idea of a homemade project, allowing you to share what you’ve made with others simply by displaying it on your person. Today’s craft is a bit more meticulous than some of our other jewelry based projects, and so is probably more suitable to an older or more advanced crowd. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need

What To Do

You’ll want to start things off by ensuring that the chain you’ve chosen can actually fit around your head – if not, get a bigger chain! From there you’re going to take your chain link attachments and space them out evenly along your chain – the chain linking tool will most definitely be necessary here. Once you’ve got your attachments all set up, it’s time to address the silk ribbons and pearls.

Using your linking tool, loop the small pieces of silk ribbon through the pre-fitted hooks on your pearls. This part can feel a bit tedious but the results are well worth it. Ensure that the ribbons are small enough to actually be a part of your necklace, it’s very easy to over-estimate here. Now that you’ve got your ribbons attached, it’s time to start the work of attaching your pearls to the pre-spaced links you’ve set up earlier. The linking tool will come in handy here as well. Voila! You’ve got a gorgeous necklace to show off at your next soiree.

Accessorizing with pearl rice beads

For centuries throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia, people having been using pearl rice beads to make various fashion items or even prayer beads.  Indeed, these smooth, often colorful, little beads do make for some beautiful accessories.

And, why should you not have one?  Pearl rice beads will look wonderful around your neck or wrist.  Being the crafter that you are, you can get started on making one right away.

Here’s what you need:

  • A few handfuls of pearl rice beads
  • Bead stopper
  • Scissors
  • Spool of nylon thread
  • Clasp
  • Crimp bead


  1. Take about 12 inches of nylon thread.
  2. Wrap it around your wrist and make a loop as tight as you want the bracelet to be.
  3. Cut excess thread.
  4. Place bead stopper on one end of the thread, about an inch in.
  5. Slide pearl rice beads on one by one in an attractive pattern.  Leave about an inch on the end of the thread.
  6. Remove the bead stopper and attach the two ends together.  You can do this with a clasp or just an old-fashioned knot.


This process is only slight different from the one above.

  1. Measure how long you would like your necklace to be and cut off a piece of nylon thread two inches longer than that.
  2. Place bead stopper on one end, about an inch in.  Slide the pearl rice beads on one by one, leaving an inch at the end.
  3. Put a crimp bead on after the last of the pearl rice beads.  Attach the clasp as well.
  4. Remove the bead stopper, adding a crimp and the other piece of the clasp to that side as well.

Making your own necklace or bracelet out of pearl rice beads is as simple as that.  You can make just one or really stand out by adorning yourself with a several bracelets and necklaces.  That part is up to you, just have fun crafting. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to