Accessorizing with pearl rice beads

For centuries throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia, people having been using pearl rice beads to make various fashion items or even prayer beads.  Indeed, these smooth, often colorful, little beads do make for some beautiful accessories. And, why should you not have one?  Pearl rice beads will look wonderful around your neck or wrist.  Being the crafter that you are, you can get started on making one right away. Here’s what you need: A few handfuls of pearl rice beads Bead stopper Scissors Spool of nylon thread Clasp Crimp bead Bracelet Take about 12 inches of nylon thread. […]

How to make beaded bracelets

Bracelets are one of the rare accessories that span the entire range of a person’s life.  Different types of bracelets are appropriate for everyone from children to teens to adults – unlike wallets or chokers with spikes on them, you’re never too old or too young for a nice bracelet. Needless to say, we at Craft Corners enjoy making our own bracelets!  So let’s get to it.  There are just a few very basic things you need, which are probably already in your crafting desk and storage area: Tools Pliers Side cutters Bead stopper Materials Beading wire Crimp beads Clasp Beads […]

DIY Ribbon Necklace

It’s time CraftCorners readers to embark on another fun journey. Today we’re going to take a look at a fun craft that you’ll actually get to put to good use, and on a regular basis if you prefer. We’re going to be making a fun and colorful ribbon necklace. If fashion design isn’t something you’ve considered delving into before, have no fear – this project is very easy to put together and get the hang of. More than that though, as mentioned previously you’ll be able to actually wear your project and show off your handiwork or even store it in […]

DIY leather friendship bracelet

  Leather craft bracelets are some the easiest bracelets to make in the crafts world as the leather material is easy to deal with and can be cut and shaped easily as opposed to other metal bracelets. Quick and effortless to make, leather bracelets are a great activity for the young ones to make personalize friendship bracelets that can be worn immediately. Leather bracelets are also a great base bracelet that you can accessorize to create fun and unique pieces of jewelry like the tie dye bracelet. Here is a quick guide to what you will need to make them […]

Make Your Own Pearl Bracelets

  Jewelry helps you to complete an outfit and gives you a polished look. One does not always have to buy a new jewelry to complement an outfit as one can experiment making it at home. One such accessory is the custom made pearl bracelets. With just a few items you can make your own pearl bracelet that looks like the one in store. What you need: Faux pearl beads of your choice Metallic thread, needle (thin enough to fit the hole of your pearls) Scissors Elastic (length enough to wrap your wrist) How to make it: Cut the elastic […]