Accessorizing with pearl rice beads

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pearl rice beads, nylon thread|  India - Haridwar - 006 - shops sell every devotional need for the pilgrims by mckaysavage ( via Creative Commons

For centuries throughout the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia, people having been using pearl rice beads to make various fashion items or even prayer beads.  Indeed, these smooth, often colorful, little beads do make for some beautiful accessories.

And, why should you not have one?  Pearl rice beads will look wonderful around your neck or wrist.  Being the crafter that you are, you can get started on making one right away.

Here’s what you need:

  • A few handfuls of pearl rice beads
  • Bead stopper
  • Scissors
  • Spool of nylon thread
  • Clasp
  • Crimp bead


  1. Take about 12 inches of nylon thread.
  2. Wrap it around your wrist and make a loop as tight as you want the bracelet to be.
  3. Cut excess thread.
  4. Place bead stopper on one end of the thread, about an inch in.
  5. Slide pearl rice beads on one by one in an attractive pattern.  Leave about an inch on the end of the thread.
  6. Remove the bead stopper and attach the two ends together.  You can do this with a clasp or just an old-fashioned knot.


This process is only slight different from the one above.

  1. Measure how long you would like your necklace to be and cut off a piece of nylon thread two inches longer than that.
  2. Place bead stopper on one end, about an inch in.  Slide the pearl rice beads on one by one, leaving an inch at the end.
  3. Put a crimp bead on after the last of the pearl rice beads.  Attach the clasp as well.
  4. Remove the bead stopper, adding a crimp and the other piece of the clasp to that side as well.

Making your own necklace or bracelet out of pearl rice beads is as simple as that.  You can make just one or really stand out by adorning yourself with a several bracelets and necklaces.  That part is up to you, just have fun crafting.