Make your own sequined one shoulder dress

  Now that spring is here there will be plenty of outdoor get together and parties. You can take up making a fun party dress from a simple one shoulder dress for your daughter or yourself as a spring project. By making a few alterations, you will make a whole new dress that you will love to wear. The key to making your plain one shoulder dress more glamorous and interesting is by adding sequins to the shoulder and other decorative items to increase its style quotient. What you need: One shoulder dress Sequins Decorative chains for clothes Thread and […]

Easy ways to create your own ankle wrap shoes

It is the perfect weather to slip into your flip flops or your favorite sandals to wear with your summer dress. In order to give your entire outfit a notch up you can add ankle wrap around your shoes which will add extra flair and glamour. This is an easy to do project which require little time and effort. Here is a couple of ways you can make your very own ankle wrap shoes. For all of the below ways, you will need a pair of heeled shoes that either has a strap or back around the ankle. You will […]

How to knit a Gryffindor scarf

Knitting a scarf is perfect first step for beginning knitters. You can make a scarf of any width, length and color. It is a great idea to use different colors in the scarf to make it a versatile winter wear option. Everyone loves Harry Potter, so why not make your first hand knitted scarf a Gryffindor scarf? You can wear your scarf with an overcoat, sweater or other clothing items. Knitting a scarf yourself is an inexpensive and useful way to stay warm and stylish. Here are some steps to help you knit a Gryffindor scarf for yourself: Collecting Important […]

DIY luggage tags

  As winter draws to an end, the travel season will soon begin. With luggage looking more alike than ever, it is often hard to distinguish your bags from others and vice versa. For those in the crafty mood there is a simple solution to making your bag stand out: DIY luggage tags. Quick and easy to make, custom clear plastic luggage tags are a fun and decorative way to put your own spin on your bags, while allowing you to swiftly find your bags amongst the sea of luggage at the baggage claim. The items you’ll need: two 4”x4” of a […]

Making personalized baby boy quilts

If you have a friend who has a baby boy on the way, do you know what you are going to give her at the baby shower?  You want to give something that is meaningful and comes from the heart, but that will also come in handy for a mom.  So, what is it going to be? Well, if you are handy with a sewing machine, there are a few good options available for you.  Personalized baby boy quilts are a wonderful DIY gift that you can take to your friend at her baby shower.  You can do it in […]