How to tastefully decorate your high heels

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DIY shoe decor, feather, lace and jewel pendant “Feather shoes” | by allisonallison ( via Creative Commons


Do you have a pair of heels that need some sprucing up? Some think that decorating your high heels involves adding an insane amount of glitter, paint, beads, sequins, etc., and essentially creating a gaudy shoe that would only be appropriate for a costume party. While you can go that route, you also have the choice of tastefully decorating your favorite pair of heels to add a personal touch that will update your heel’s look and make you feel like you’re wearing a brand new pair! To make the heels pictured above you will need to:

Have with a pair of heels that you will be comfortable in

This is very important! Your feet must be at peace when walking, otherwise you will dread putting your heels on, no matter how pretty they are. Investing in a pair of Jessica Simpson’s shoes will put your worries to rest, as they have a comfortable and supportive arch, as well as enough toe room so your toes won’t be pinched. Whatever heel you choose, or already have, make sure you are ready to decorate it – the last thing we want is for you to regret changing your favorite heel’s look!

Choose your decorating supplies

  • Feathers
  • Decorative jewels or pendants – can be found in the jewelry section in arts stores
  • Lace
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


  1. Prepare the pieces you want to decorate your shoe with. For example, you can cut your lace in the design you wish to have such as a bow or pleated disc
  2. Plan how you will layer feathers according to your own preference
  3. Choose the pendant or jewel you want to use as the main centerpiece that will go on top of your decorations to tie everything together
  4. Start to glue your decorations with your glue gun, layering one piece at a time
  5. Wait a day for it to dry

After that, you can enjoy your brand new pair of high heels! If you want to go even further than what’s mentioned above, using fabric glitter paint in a champagne color can be a beautiful addition to the shoe. You can get stencils in any design from the art store (perhaps a paisley or vintage swirl design) and use the glitter paint to trace the design to the back of your heel. This will add some pizzazz without going overboard.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Share your ideas or past shoe decoration projects in the comments section below.