DIY body tracing and painting

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Body tracing excites kids because it is a really creative and unique craft. With this craft you can not only have a fun filled time with your kids but you can also teach them about the human body. Once you have traced your kid’s body, you can encourage him to paint it. Make sure you collect the following items before starting this project.

What you’ll need:

  • Wide and long pieces of paper
  • Water colors
  • Black marker

Once you have collected all these items, you can start tracing your kid’s body. Here are some steps which will help you complete this task.

  • Spread a large piece of paper on the floor and ask your kid to lie down on it. Ensure that the paper is either equal or bigger than your kid’s body. The right type of paper will make this project successful. You can choose a long roll of paper for this project. It will give your kids enough space to make distinct postures. Encourage your kid to lie down in a unique posture. It can be a running, straight or curved body posture.
  • Now take a black marker and mark the outline of your kid’s body. You can also encourage his sibling to do this for you. Once you have done this, you can show this outline to your kids and next time they would insist on making an outline of your body.
  • Take a water color set having different colors in it. Encourage your kids to pick some nice colors and make eyes, nose, lips, pants, tees and shoes of the traced body. You can also teach them to draw heart and other vital organs of the body. This will gradually help them learn how human body works. Colors can play a significant role in this project. You can pick some affordable pan watercolor sets from Prang. These sets come with semi-moist transparent watercolor paints which don’t contain wax. They comprise of 8 assorted colors including Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Violet and Yellow. You can also check out pan watercolor sets offered by LUKAS and Crayola.

Body tracing and painting is an educating activity for kids and a thrilling one for adults. You can do this activity on weekends or in summer holidays to make spare time useful. So, pick some nice water colors, a thick paper and start drawing interesting body postures with your kids!