How to make your own accent pieces for your living roon


If your room is looking a little bare with just your furniture and a few framed photos on the wall, then it’s time to decorate! Creating a few custom-made pieces to your décor can liven up your room and create a more interesting and welcoming environment! Here are some fun ideas you can do to add to your living room:

Make sand centerpieces

A beautiful centerpiece which is becoming increasingly popular is Lillian Rose unity sand. You can purchase their unique vases, and choose from their different colored sands that you pour and layer into the vase, creating your own stunning designs (shown above). This would look great on your coffee table or side table, and give a calming feel to your living room.

Use Decorative Flowers and Candles

You can get clear glass vases and fill the bottom with glass pebbles which are available in almost any color. You can then choose floral stems from your local art store and make your own unique bouquet that will never wilt! This is fun because throughout the year, you can change the flowers or color of the pebbles to reflect the season change. If you are not a floral person, you can use the same technique but substitute fake flower with candles.  Or, instead of using a vase, you can get antique candle stands or a decorative plate, position your candles, and line the bottom with glass pebbles. These also create a pleasant focal point to any room (shown above).

Add sofa pillows

If your sofa is looking dull and dreary, you can add decorative sofa pillows to add to your décor. Pillows with a pop of color can create some much needed contrast, or decorative pillows with intricate designs, like an embroidered bird pillow, can complement the theme you have created in your room. If you do not want to commit to one type of decorative pillow for a long time, you can purchase decorative pillow covers which you can switch whenever you wish. Having different ones for hosting guests and lazy Sundays with the kids would be a good idea.

These are only a few ideas on how you can get creative when making your own accent pieces. What are some custom made decorations you’ve made for your living room?

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