How to craft the perfect Valentine’s Day frame

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there’s no better time than now to start planning your homemade present. This Valentine’s Day, I was thinking of putting a collection of my photographs together, shot from a Canon EOS Rebel T21 Digital SLR camera. At first, I wanted to purchase a couple picture frames for this project when I thought “why not make them myself?” For elaboration, you can draw, paint, or incorporate some scrapbook embellishments you have laying around and insert a nice picture/s of you and your significant other. You can go for something as creative as beach […]

How to decorate gourds for a Thanksgiving centerpiece

    The perfect festive Thanksgiving art project is making a Thanksgiving centerpiece gourd. In case you didn’t know, a gourd is the hollowed out and dried skin of fruit. This gourd can be used to make a beautiful and fun centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast. There are many options of what you can make. You can make a turkey, a Thanksgiving scene or even pilgrims. Today I’m going to describe how you can create a Thanksgiving pilgrim gourd. Here’s what you need: – Paint brush – Krylon paint colors – Brown yarn – Scissors – Small paper cup – […]

How to make children’s masks

It is certainly a little bit early for Halloween, but since when do children need a good reason to put on masks and run around?  And, equally important, what constitutes a good reason for putting a mask on and running around and is there such a thing? This summer, your children can spend a day working on making a creative mask for him or herself and then putting it on to get into character and play elaborate games using the imagination.  Making masks may seem simple on the outset, but, in reality, you have to give children very specific instructions […]

How to make your own Holiday Cards this year

A great way to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas this year is with handmade cards! You can make some beautiful, personalized Christmas greeting cards at home. This is an inexpensive and simple way to express your love. Along with this, it is the personal touch which makes these cards special. Here’s what you need: Scissor Glue stick Black sketch pen/black marker Pastel sheet Textured paper Here’s what you do: First choose a textured paper for your card. You can pick some designer sheets from Avery textured greeting card stock. These sheets make card making easier because you don’t […]

How to decorate your yard with pumpkins

   One of our favorite holidays around here on Craft Corners is Halloween. That’s simply because there are so many fantastic decorating ideas! And one of the old classics for Halloween time is decorating your yard with the seasons most popular flora, the pumpkin. We’ll be giving you a few quick tips on how you can easily make sure that  your yard is not only festive, but ready for any trick-or-treaters. What you need Personalized pumpkin Pumpkin carving kit scoop Pumpkins Stencils Tea lights Inexpensive dish What to do First, you have to get yourself some pumpkins of course! Every […]