How To Make A Pinata

How To Make A Pinata? The pinata, this old tradition of North America is nowadays a star birthdays Games activity. Kids love playing this game which is raining on them with candies, confetti and knick-knacks. The pinata is a colorful figure that we garnishes with sweets . If you do not want to buy, it is quite possible to make yourself pretty pinatas… And we immediately shows you how!   What do you need to make your own piñata Don’t worry, make a piñata at home is not difficult. However, you need a discreet place to hide your masterpiece for a few […]

DIY paper Halloween lanterns

Making your own Halloween lanterns is fun and when they are done you have a cool new Halloween decoration. These look really cool with a candle or electric tea light inside of them.  This is a project that kids can participate in too, with a little help from an adult. Happy Halloween crafting! Here’s what you need: White chalk Four pieces of black card stock Four pieces of vellum An X-Acto knife Darice tape double sided A tea light or electric tea light candle Here’s what you do: Take your black construction paper and cut four pieces so that they […]

DIY tiki torches

  Summer time is now in full swing which means that it is time to take your dinners and parties outdoors to enjoy the sublime weather. The first and most notable problem with having outdoor parties in the evening is combating the darkness that is the result of the setting sun. Equipping your entire yard with a lighting system can be both expensive and time consuming, especially if you only have outdoor events a handful of times a year. However, an easy and inexpensive way to quickly light up your yard are tiki torches. So check out this quick and […]

Decorate your own wine glasses for any event!

  I am organizing my best friend’s bridal shower and wanted to do something fun and creative for the event. Finally after hours of thinking I came up with the idea of decorating our own wine glasses or even for the event. If you don’t want to use real glass for this craft, a plastic goblet would work great too. The best part was that the wine glass would work fantastically as a favor to take home after the shower as well. An added advantage is definitely that no more stressing of glasses getting mixed as you can easily keep […]

Make your own Mother’s Day card

With Mother’s day quickly approaching it would make sense that we would all be scrambling around for that perfect gift to give our moms. While you could buy her a gift, I’m sure that we’ve all figured out by now that one of the best things to do for our moms is to make her something. Even if we’re adults, there’s always that spot in our mom’s hearts that will be reserved for the love of our crafts that we produce. So we’re here to help you with an idea that may not only save you from wracking your brain […]