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Create personalized wedding invitations



image via

When brides are going through the expensive ordeal of planning a wedding, budgets are often a huge factor when making all wedding decisions. There are so many tiny details involved with a wedding so things will add up very quickly. One way to save a few pennies is to make our own personalized wedding invitations.

You’ll need:

  • An online invitation template
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Fray check


  1. You’ll want to consider the theme of your wedding and the colors you would like to use for the invitations. Then you can begin browsing templates online that will match your wedding theme. Most of these templates will offer the ability to further customize, so you can change the font or the colors to match your personality and you wedding!
  2. Once you’ve found the right template and matched it to your wedding theme it’s time to pick out the cardstock and envelopes for the invitations. You can decide the thickness you want for the cardstock and the paper material (whether you want a metallic paper, matte, etc).
  3. If you’re going to need a large amount of invitations for your wedding, I would recommend going to a specialized store to have them printed. When searching for a local printing store, make sure that you can bring either a flash drive or a disk with your template saved. The best part about taking them to a printing shop is that they can also cut all of the invitations out for you.
  4. Once everything is printed and cut out, you can add a final personalization step by tying a ribbon of your color choice around the invitations. Once you’ve cut the pieces of ribbon to tie on the invitations you’ll want to use fray check on the ends to keep the ribbon from unraveling. (You may want to have some helpful bridesmaids come over for this step.)
  5. Once the ribbons are in place, it’s time to place them in their envelopes, address them and send them on their way!


Make a Baseball Pinata


Baseball Pinata - eyes on the prize by Myles Grant | via Creative Commons

Pinatas are always a blast to have at any party, giving you a fun activity that all ages enjoy. Simple and inexpensive, the piñata is an easy way to really make your party special and with the spring time coming up, it is the perfect time to throw an outdoor event. Finding a store that sells piñatas can be difficult but fortunately for you, making a piñata is a relatively uncomplicated project. Check out this quick how-to to make your very own piñata.


–          Balloon

–          Flour

–          Water

–          Mixing bowl

–          Paper (construction & newspaper)

–          Baseball bat tape

–          Metallic gold marker
–          Cardboard


1. Inflate the balloon to size you want your piñata to be and tape any cardboard or construction paper shapes to the sides.

2. Mix one part flour and two parts water in a bowl until it becomes paste.

3. Using strips of torn paper that are dipped into the paste, cover your piñata.

4. Repeat Step 3 at least two more times using a different type of paper (ie. newspaper, construction paper, etc.), each time ensuring the piñata is dry before the next layer is applied.

5. Allow the piñata to dry until it is no longer sticky or wet to the touch and is hard and dry.

6. Once the piñata is done, use the baseball bat tape in red and white to decorate the outside, and use your metallic gold marker to decorate or write “happy birthday” on the ball.

Now all you have to do is pop the balloon on the inside to fill with candy and/or other treats and enjoy!


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Fun baby shower party favor bags


baby shower

Baby showers allow us to welcome those cute little angels into the world. These showers allow women to enjoy their motherhood and to appreciate all the guests for their love. You may get a lot of gifts on your baby shower and you may want to give memorable return gifts to your guests. Here are some ideas which will help you thank your loving guests with unforgettable souvenirs.

  • Pick some cute party favor bags

Your job is half done if your party favor bags are cute. You can pick some favor bags with metallic colors. You can pick medium or large sized blue metallic gift bags from the US Toy Company. You can also check out red, purple, green, silver and gold metallic gift bags. Don’t forget to check out the holographic Diamond gift bags from Misuwrap. Featuring unique drawstring, these bags allow you to pack your gifts with ease. You don’t have to use tape on these bags. They come with durable, reusable and printed lamination. You can pick the all-in-one 15-piece gift bag set because it will save your time and money. These 15-piece metallic Diamond finish gift bags are available in silver, red, green and blue colors.

  • Choose some nice gift items

Selecting some good gifts is the first step. You can create some cute and useful gift items for your guests. For instance you can pick some miniature myrtle trees or other miniature plants and put them in different tea cups. You can gift these tree cups to your guests. You can pick some bright artificial flowers and put them in small gift bags. Don’t forget to put a few chocolates and candies on the bottom of your gift bag. You can go for some ready made party favors if you don’t have much time. Baby screw back earrings will be a great choice if you want to gift something really cute. You can go for 14 K Gold Ruby earrings. Ivy Green offers 14 K Gold baby screw back earrings having two genuine 3mm round ruby gemstones. Especially designed for babies, these earrings come with shorter posts which suit your little one’s ears. These earrings have smooth screw backs which keep your baby at ease. You can also check out Sterling Silver Cross screw back stud earrings from Ivy Green. These earrings are made of sterling silver. They are a fine jewelry gift for babies and little children. Featuring shorter post, they fit your little one’s ears easily. Their screw backs are safe and smooth on the bottom.

  • Write cute messages for your party favors

Once your party favors are ready, you can take a pen and paper to write a cute message for your guests. You can write messages on small pieces of paper and put them in all the gifts. This will really make your guests feel special and loved. You can write funny messages like, ‘Dear Aunt Marry, I will soon see you and make you change my diapers.’


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Easy ways to create your own ankle wrap shoes


 ankle wrap shoes via Amazon

It is the perfect weather to slip into your flip flops or your favorite sandals to wear with your summer dress. In order to give your entire outfit a notch up you can add ankle wrap around your shoes which will add extra flair and glamour. This is an easy to do project which require little time and effort. Here is a couple of ways you can make your very own ankle wrap shoes.

For all of the below ways, you will need a pair of heeled shoes that either has a strap or back around the ankle. You will also need ribbons or any light weight fabric whose color is very close to the color of your heels.

Flip flops makeover

You will be surprised to see your regular flip flops looking chic after adding the ankle wrap around it. You will need colorful and patterned chiffon that is cut in 1.5-2 inches wide. The length of the chiffon depends on how big and grand you want the bow to be at the end. Now comes the easy part where you just cover the straps of your flip flop entirely without missing any spot. Make sure to leave enough length on both the ends to help you wrap it around your ankle and tie a neat bow.

Add glamour to your heels

Another simple way to dress up your heels is by creating ankle wrap shoes for your heels. Take a light fabric that is at least 3 feet long and that also matches your shoe color. After you slip into your shoes start wrapping the fabric around your foot, starting from the bottom of your foot. Criss-cross it around your foot to give it a unique style and when the fabric reaches at its ends tie a pretty bow on the sides of the ankle. This is a quick and easy way to decorate your shoes without ruining them with hot glue or pinning holes in them. You can also use ribbon in a color different from your shoes to create your very own color block ankle wrap shoes.

Pair these shoes with your favorite summer dress and wrap around watch to look fashionable and trendy.



Decorate your own wine glasses for any event!


plastic gobelet Image via Creative Commons by wizardofozgurl ( via Creative Commons

I am organizing my best friend’s bridal shower and wanted to do something fun and creative for the event. Finally after hours of thinking I came up with the idea of decorating our own wine glasses or even for the event. If you don’t want to use real glass for this craft, a plastic goblet would work great too.

The best part was that the wine glass would work fantastically as a favor to take home after the shower as well. An added advantage is definitely that no more stressing of glasses getting mixed as you can easily keep track of your decorated glass for the night.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Clean the wine glasses, making sure you have one per guest
  2. Draw a figure or a character that you might what. Print different sizes of the same since you might need to do it a couple of times to get the accurate size.
  3. Tape the cut out inside the glass and trace the character out on the outside. Can’t be easier right?
  4. Now it is  painting time! You can use a toothpick to paint the edges. Snipping up the edge of the toothpick might make it simpler too.  The advantage of a toothpick is to get the least amount of paint in the places you need it. A wet towel is something you might consider to keep handy in case you make a mistake. As you progress, remember to keep the surface area dry before you can start painting again
  5. A great idea would be to paint the bottoms of the glass as well. Maybe you could write a message or your name and date to remember this amazing party!
  6. After your painting is done, place the wine glass in a cool oven. The temperature should be around 300-350 degrees and the cooking time would be around 30 minutes
  7. Once you take the glasses out, let them cool completely.
  8. Now crack open a bottle of something delicious and bubbly and have a great time with your new, one of a kind, wine glasses!

Who said paint was the only option? You could take something as simple and attractive as a ribbon and tie it to the stem. I’ve also seen people do some fun stuff with scratch on decals and writing messages with puff paint too!

You can create these amazing glasses for anyone for any occasion! I just hope you had as much fun as we did creating these memorable and one of a kind goblets.



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