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Decorate your own wine glasses for any event!


plastic goblet


I am organizing my best friend’s bridal shower and wanted to do something fun and creative for the event. Finally after hours of thinking I came up with the idea of decorating our own wine glasses or even for the event. If you don’t want to use real glass for this craft, a plastic goblet would work great too. (more…)


Plan the perfect egg hunt for your Easter Sunday!


wicker easter basket

An Easter egg hunt can entertain kids as well as adults on this  Easter Sunday. It’s a great idea to hide Easter eggs around the house, but for even more scavenger fun you can hide the eggs outside in grass, bushes, and flower pots. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect Easter egg hunt:

1. Leave some eggs in plain sight

Leaving some eggs in plain sight is very important because it will excite kids and encourage them to find the other eggs. If you’re Easter egg hunters are very young leave some extra eggs in plain sight for them to “find” with you. Also talk to the older children at your hunt and remind them to leave a few for the littlest kids to find so that everyone can have some fun.

2. Don’t fill all the eggs with candy

Make this Eater Sunday more interesting and my healthy by filling most the eggs with small toys and only a few with candy. We all know that too much sugar isn’t good for children’s teeth and gorging on Easter candy can give your little one an awful tummy ache. Try filling most of your eggs with small prizes like temporary tattoos, gift certificates, coins, stickers, beads, or handmade vouchers for a family adventure of their choice.

3. Pick some easy to carry baskets for the kids

Pick some cute but easy to hold baskets for the kids. The kids will need these baskets to collect their eggs. You can choose a wicker Easter basket that comes with plastic eggs. Check out the Gourmet Easter candy gift basket that comes with a large marshmallow peep bunny and a half pound chocolate Eater bunny. This basket also comes with Easter lollipops and rock candy crystal sticks.

Check out the Deluxe all-in-one blue Easter basket also. This one comes with all the goodies you need for the kids. This lovely wicker basket is filled with scrumptious Easter goodies including a plush bunny, Easter grass, a 100% cotton polka-dot basket liner, jelly beans, milk chocolate malt ball eggs, foil-wrapped solid chocolate eggs etc.

4. Decorate well for the egg hunt

Decorate the whole house with pastel balloons. Decorate the tables and chairs with pastel colored tablecloths and streamers. Hide at least a dozen eggs per child or guest so that they are able to collect a good amount of eggs. Pick some extra wicker Easter baskets for the guests and let everyone join in the fun!


Create an Easter Egg tree for your Easter Sunday decor!


easter egg tree

An Easter egg tree can add a touch of fun and whimsy to your Easter Sunday decorations. Here are some things you will need to make a great Easter egg tree:



Light up your St. Patrick’s day with shamrock lights!


shamrock lights

The St. Patrick’s Day is much more than a holiday. Named after Saint Patrick, this is an official feast day that involves amazing public parades. People await the St. Patrick’s Day to get into its spirit, to wear green attire, to enjoy food heartily and to do a lot of other fun things. One of the best things you can do on the St. Patrick’s Day is decorating your home with green lights. Here are some steps on how to light up your place on this day with shamrock lights and the right colors.



Valentine’s Day craft ideas


valentines day crafts

Valentine’s Day gives you a chance to express your love to your friends, family and partner. Made for the people who love their dear ones deeply, this special day is celebrated worldwide. Picking gifts for the dear ones is the main ritual of Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas that can help you to make some adorable Valentines Day crafts.

Make a Valentine’s Day card for your loved one

You can easily make an adorable Valentine’s Day card. Pick one of these ideas to make one. Take a black and white patterned paper and write your love message on it with red alphabet stickers. Red color pops against the black and white background. This is the simplest way to make a card. You can make a peppier card with the next trick. Take a plain white glossy paper along with some patterned, assorted and glossy papers. American Crafts paper pads available at CreateForLess are a good choice because they are come with papers featuring a variety of colors and patterns. You can go for papers with Valentine’s Day themed hearts, flowers, butterflies, arrows, stripes, dots, kites and clouds. Use a circle cutter to cut some circles of various sizes out of different colorful papers. Now paste the smallest circle in the middle of the white paper and write your love message in it. Paste the bigger circles outside the smaller one and make them look like the ‘Target’ sign.

Make Valentine’s Day cookies

This idea is better than simply buying a Valentine’s Day gift. Make personalized cookies or bake a fun batch of sweets to get that amazing smile from your partner. In order to make heart shaped cookies, take a cooking spray, 3 tablespoons margarine, 6 cups marshmallows, red food color  9 cups rice cereal and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Coat a baking sheet with the cooking spray and set it aside. Now melt the margarine in a large pot using low heat. Add the marshmallows and stir continuously until they melt. Remove the pan from stove, put in some drops of red food color and stir. Now add the rice cereal and stir. Put this mixture on the baking sheet and spread it to even thickness. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter in the end. You can also use the 6 Cavity Valentine non-stick pan pack in place of a cookie cutter.

Make Pomegranate heart ice cubes

This idea can really surprise your loved one. Take a heart shaped ice cube tray and fill each heart with water. Now put some pomegranate seeds and put them into each heart. Let this tray rest in the freezer until the water turns into ice. Now serve the cocktails with these ice cubes.


Decorate your yard for the holidays


outdoor snowmen

It’s no secret that we love the holidays around here on Craft Corners so we’re here to give you a few great ideas on decorating your yard. We’ll go over tips and helpful pointers that you can use should you want to deck out your house for some festive cheer. Happy holidays!

What you’ll need

  • Christmas lights ( These can either be icicles, normal string lights or big bulbs)
  • Outdoor snowman
  • Inflatable Santa
  • Light-up reindeer or penguins

What to do

  • What we suggest to do first is to find a day not only as close to the holiday you’re celebrating, but one where it isn’t raining or wet outside. We suggest to buy your lights at a general store because they can have them on sale throughout the later months of the year.
  • Examine and critique your electrical outlets. You don’t want to overload the power source of all the lights that you’re putting up, so check all of the outlets outside your house before you out them up.
  • Take a good look around your house and see where you’d like to place your lights. A good place to always start is the trim of your roof. Generally it’s the easiest place to put lights because you can simply use something like a staple gun or take nails to your roof to have them hang on top of the nails. What’s nice about using the nail method is you can leave the nails up on your house for the next year but take the lights down once the holidays are over.
  • Always experiment and have fun with the lights you’re putting up. They’re for the enjoyment of not just you, but for the rest of your neighborhood as well. Experiment with colors and don’t be afraid to be shy with the lights. The more the better in this case.

That about does it for decorating your amazing yard full of holiday wonder and joy. Don’t forget to be safe when applying the lights along your home. Have a safe and joyous holiday season this year!


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