5 Thoughtful DIY Valentine’s Day Projects for Men

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to remind the man in your life how much you love him, but there’s no question that all of the classic gifts – chocolates, greeting cards, wine, even fuzzy socks – can get extremely overpriced and expensive, not to mention the fact that it can be hard to find a generic gift that is personalized enough to make your partner feel special and loved. A homemade do-it-yourself gift can make the perfect addition to a store-bought product or something that you ordered online, and depending on the magnitude of the gift, can even stand alone as the perfect gift. Here are some clever gift DIY projects for you to create and give to the special man in your life!

  1. A fun and flirty “coupon book.” Put together 10 to 20 (or more, if you’re really into it) “coupons” for your special guy to “cash in” whenever he wants all year long! You can make the coupons worth any activity or treat as tame or as saucy as you want – obviously, you know him and the things that he likes better than anyone. Best of all, you really don’t have to spend big money on printing the cards on some special stationary or through a service. Handwritten coupon booklets work just fine, just be sure to use lots of pink and red decorations and stickers. He’ll love this gift because it was made just for him with his interests and preferences in mind.
  2. A stay-at-home movie night gift basket. In the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, it’s hard to remember that there was once a time that people put DVDs and even VHS tapes into consoles to watch a movie. If you have a DVD player for your TV, or even a disc drive on your laptop, pick out a few of his favorite movies (especially if there are sequels). If you don’t have the physical DVD, you can just write a cute little note in the card explaining that you’ve bought or are planning to rent a movie of his choosing online. Wrap it up with a big, soft blanket, some popcorn, and those big movie-sized candy bars to create an in-home movie theatre experience!
  3. His favorite home-cooked meal. No matter which one of you usually does the cooking, or whether you both tend to get your food through Uber Eats or Postmates, a home-cooked meal made specifically for him is a great way to show that you care enough about him that you’ll spend time learning something new, especially if this kind of meal isn’t something that you usually eat. It doesn’t have to be perfect – as long as you put in the effort, he is sure to appreciate this sweet and thoughtful gesture. Bonus points if you arrange some of the food to look like hearts! Extra bonus points if you buy a “Kiss the Cook” apron.
  4. A travel album. This is a great gift for the adventurous couple, and the best part is that it’s easily modified depending on the specifics of your relationship. Pick up a three-ring binder, scrapbook, or even a small photo album from your local bookstore and fill it with ticket stubs, boarding passes, developed photos, and other paper souvenirs from any trips or travels that you have already been on together. Haven’t explored anywhere fun yet, but you want to get started? Splurge on some tickets and place them in the front pages of the album with a card explaining your idea – he’ll get the message. If you can’t afford to make big trips, start small, with local museums or concerts. Any sort of memory photo album is a truly precious and classic gift in the age of the smartphone.
  5. I Love You Because…” dry-erase board. These make a great decoration to put up all year round or hang up next year, once the winter holiday season has died down a little bit but before the special day has arrived for that year. You can order a special dry-erase board with the message “I Love You Because…,” or you can spend an afternoon crafting a little card or sign yourself to glue onto the board. With these signs hanging up, it will be a sweet and thoughtful activity to write a new message on it everyday so that he can feel truly appreciated when he comes home. Another great idea is to get a matching set of dry-erase boards, perhaps monogrammed or color-coordinated, and you can both make a project out of reminding each other the reasons for your love!


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How to pack for a boat day trip

black sparkle sperrys Creative Commons | Scott & Elaine van der Chijs (http://www.flickr.com/photos/scottvanderchijs/4885994145/)

There is nothing like spending a fun filled day out on a boat with family or friends. Packing for a boat day trip is as exciting as having a good time with your loved ones on a boat. It starts with making a list of all the items you need for the trip. Here are some things you must write in your list and take along to your boat day trip.

  • Shoes

You must carry a well cushioned pair of shoes to your boat trip. Sperry top-sider angelfish shoes are ideal for women. These shoes are stylish and feminine. They feature padded tongues and rubber out-soles for durable comfort. Made from stain and water resistant leather, they have rust proof eyelets for a secure fit. You can also pick a pair of black sparkle sperrys for your wife or girlfriend. These shoes are great for formal events, dates, night outs and parties. They help you have a luxurious and romantic dinner date on your boat. The Hikerfish Sperry topsider is one of the best men’s shoes for a boat day trip. Made from premium mixed materials and leather, these shoes have padded tongues. Their shaft height is 7 inches. Once you have picked shoes for the men and women of your family, it is time to buy nice pairs of shoes for the little ones. You can check out various Sperry shoes online for your baby boy and baby girl.

  • Insect repellent

You must carry an insect repellent and a hand sanitizer with you. Bugs can be a big challenge if you are fishing or exploring a small island. You must use a hand sanitizer before having your meal or snacks. Don’t forget to buy some good moisturizing lotions, antiseptics and sun screen lotions for your trip.

  • Clothing items

Don’t forget to carry swimsuits, hats and sunglasses to your boat day trip. Your swimsuit will help you lay out and bathe in the sun on a beach. Every member of your family should have these clothing items. Try and cover yourself with clothes as much as you can if there are mosquitoes around.

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How to create your own card

 "Everything Easter SQSC Card" | by Traci Gardner (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tengrrl/6907818945/) via creative commons

One of the greatest craft ideas I ever came across was showed to me by one of my best friends. And it’s something so simple, anyone can do it. You can make your very own greeting cards with just a few simple steps and supplies. Not only do they end up looking beautiful, but they’ll be cherished for years to come because they’re so personal.

What you’ll need:

roll-on tape

avery greeting card stock

-several pages of scrapbook paper in whatever style you choose

-cut-out letters


-jewels, craft flowers, or stickers

What you do:

First, before you’ve purchased all your supplies, choose what type of card you’re making. Is it a birthday card, a Christmas card, a happy anniversary card or even a just because card? Depending on the type of card decides what type of paper you buy. At your local scrapbook store, there are always dozens of types of paper to choose from.

Once you have your card stock, you have a blank template to style to your heart’s content. Buying things that add pizzazz to your card makes a world of difference, like stick-on jewels or some ribbons. This is what you can do for one style of card.

  • Cut your scrapbook paper into half inch strips, long enough to cover the surface of your cardstock
  • Apply your roll-on tape onto the back of the scrapbook paper
  • Gently press each strip onto your cardstock, with no gaps, varying the pattern to create an assorted look
  • Once the paper has been set, applied and is dry, stick or use your roll-on tape to apply letters into your card
  • Use some lace to adorn the top edge of the card
  • Apply your jewels or other accessories near the edge of the lace on opposite sides of the card
  • You’ve completed your card!

Once you’ve finished decorating the outside of your card, make sure to write something well thought out and sincere in your card as well. Not only will your card look beautiful but it will also show how much you care about the person you’re giving it to.

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How to make an origami bat this Halloween

origami bat image via http://www.flickr.com/photos/paperfacets/4880197927

Bats account for around a quarter of all mammal species. They are valuable to us, as well as natural ecosystem. Sadly, the winged mammals number have been diminishing due to pollution, habitat loss and other reasons. Therefore, grab a chance to express your love for this warm-blooded symbol of Halloween by making an origami bat. An origami bat makes a great Halloween decoration. You could make a ton of these and hang them up on your ceiling, in the kitchen, patio or the entrance this Halloween.

What you will need:

A sheet of square origami paper (6″ x 6″ / 15 cm x 15 cm) or a decorative printer paper, a flat surface, scissors, punch and paint

Instructions for making an Origami bat:

  1. Start by folding a perfect square sheet of paper to make a triangle. Paper can be black, brown in any shade, gray or any other color that suits your imagination for Halloween.
  2. Fold your square paper twice diagonally
  3. Turn the paper over and fold two times side to side.
  4. Push in at the sides to form a sort of pyramid by using both hands.
  5. Cave it into a double triangle with two flaps on each side.
  6. Bring the top left flap down and under the center. Do the same to the right side.
  7. Now fold the top down a little to form a bat face.
  8. Cut a slit on each side on the bat head at the point you see in the photo.
  9. The pointed ends are the ears and the folded tip is the bat’s face.
  10. Use the punch to make ears and feet. Then use the paint to make the eyes.

And you are ready with your fun creative project!

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Create handmade Halloween cards this year

Avery glue pen Creative Commons | Cody and Maureen | http://www.flickr.com/photos/happenstancephotos/4091142156/

Handmade cards are so much better than store bought, because they are personal and you can make them prettier too! This craft should be fun not stressful. Don’t feel like every card needs to be identical. Try different combinations of patterns and elements to create an original festive card each time.

Here’s what you need:

Colored paper – try orange, black or purple

Hot glue gun

Colored hot glue gun sticks – try silver or orange

Halloween themed seal stamp

Halloween stickers

Avery glue pen

Patterned scissors

Halloween stamps

Halloween stamp pads – try silver

Here’s what you do:

  1. Take one piece of paper and fold it in half or however you want the card to open. After you’ve folded it, take your patterned scissors and cut the edges. Just don’t cut the fold of course!
  2. Then take your other colored paper – maybe purple, purple on black would look great – and cut a square or rectangle that is a half inch to an inch smaller than the front of your card.
  3. Take your Avery glue pen and glue this piece of paper to the front of your card.
  4. To make easy Halloween seal stamps to decorate your card, simply use some colored hot glue on a scratch piece of paper. As soon as it’s on the paper hold the Halloween seal stamp on top of the hot glue until it hardens, then remove it. You should be able to peel the seal stamp off of the scratch paper. You can use these to decorate your card by gluing them on.
  5. To complete your card, use Halloween stamps and stickers to decorate the rest of your card. Make sure you use a greeting like “Happy Halloween.” Maybe you have a sticker or a stamp that has a greeting you can use already. Other items you can use are ribbon, patterned Halloween paper or even items around your home that you can recycle.
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