How to make a centerpiece with clear water beads

 gel clear water beads, gold table runner "Rose Centerpiece 2" | by Happy Krissy ( via Creative Commons

You don’t have to be the queen or king of crafts to make your own centerpiece. Using a few gel clear water beads and some fresh flowers, you can create a unique and inviting centerpiece for your dining room table. This easy and inexpensive centerpiece would even work for weddings and formal parties. You can even give them as a house warming gift. read more

Make your own sequined one shoulder dress

one shoulder dress via merchant

Now that spring is here there will be plenty of outdoor get together and parties. You can take up making a fun party dress from a simple one shoulder dress for your daughter or yourself as a spring project. By making a few alterations, you will make a whole new dress that you will love to wear. The key to making your plain one shoulder dress more glamorous and interesting is by adding sequins to the shoulder and other decorative items to increase its style quotient. read more

Paint your own glass bowls or decorative plate sets

 paint your own glass bowl| Creative Commons| Lori L.Stalteri via

Hand painted glass plates and bowls are decorative accessories that add color and attention to almost any area in the house. However, these hand painted glass pieces are very expensive when you purchase them in specialty gift or home accessory stores. A creative option is to make your own hand painted glass plate/bowl at home with some supplies from the craft store. Paint your own glass bowls or decorative plate sets with a design that synchronizes and matches with the surroundings. It is moderately easy to paint glass pieces. read more

DIY fun paper mache mask

diy paper mache mask ( | Creative Commons

Paper mache is a really fun and easy project, and it’s great for both kids and adults. We especially love this particular paper mache mask idea because the result is something you can actually use for fun costume parties (especially in combination with cheap pink sweet 16 tiaras) later on. If you take care in the construction, you’ll actually be left with a very usable mask that you’ll be able to wear – kids love these and will want to show off with all of their friends. The whole project takes just a couple of days and is a fun one to do with a group of kids because they will be instantly drawn into sharing their masks with each other. Now let’s get to it! read more

Make your own dried rose arrangement

dried roses arrangment by and.korn ( via Creative Commons

If you’re a mom, chances are you’ll receive some beautiful flowers, such as a personalized vase with assorted roses, this Mother’s Day. You probably know from years past that it can be heartbreaking to toss your flowers into the trash once they’ve had their run.  After all, nobody likes getting rid of reminders of how loved and appreciated they are! If you receive roses, though, you’re in luck: Instead of tossing them, you can make a dried rose arrangement! read more